MY PHOTOGRAPHY is a way of paying attention to the present moment. It's like meditation, it's spiritual. When I take photos I disappear, I follow a story to tell and I come up with a vibrant result.

We communicate with images, we think with them, so one could say this is a different way of reading. The reader has more freedom to mold the story they sees and to imagine just like we would like them to, consequently making them another creative part. When a story is told, it's actually the experience of a personal life lesson that is told, and people conect with experiences of others because they completely identify with them.

I am totally passionate about telling the tales of my trips around the world, but since I'm usually lost in projects regarding wandering and drifting, the spaces and those who inhabitate them, I also love territorial photography.
I practise this art beyond current advertising photography and I try to break down clichés to create something closer, more personal, more real and more “ethical”.


TRAVELING and photos are of the most exciting things in my life.